Format: CD
Release Date: 10/4/2019
Album Personnel: Robert Rodriguez (Piano), Christian McBride (Acoustic Upright Bass), E.J. Strickland (Drums)
Label: Positone
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Baritone saxophonist Lauren Sevian lets her instrument do the talking when she boldly opens her heart and mind to share her Bliss on her first release for Posi-Tone. Assembled to provide support on the date is the wondrously solid rhythm section of virtuoso pianist Robert Rodriguez, superstar bassist Christian McBride, and powerhouse drummer E.J. Strickland. Special guest alto saxophonist Alexa Tarantino provides some additional highlights to the mix on a few tracks. With a tour de force realization of her talents as both a composer and an instrumentalist, Sevian maps out a melodious journey of harmonic discovery as she takes listeners along with her to explore an exciting program of original compositions that shine continuously with bright moments. Sevian s musical vibrations have noticeably shifted onto another level, and this set of stunning performances should encourage jazz enthusiasts everywhere to tune more deeply to her musical message of Bliss with increased amazement and delight.

1. Triple Water
Length: 05:58
2. Square One
Length: 04:38
3. Bliss
Length: 04:30
4. Bluesishness
Length: 05:35
5. Goldies Chance
Length: 05:49
6. Miss Lady
Length: 05:44
7. Lamb and Bunny
Length: 04:45
8. In the Loop
Length: 06:44
9. Evergreen
Length: 06:21
10. Minimal Moves
Length: 04:52
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 54:56
UPC: 768707818426