Morning Light

Format: CD
Release Date: 4/3/2020
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Saxophonist Ken Fowser reflects upon the ephemeral aspects of nature to uncover a series of inspirations hidden in the broken fragments of our cultural existence on his latest release Morning Light. Prepare to be intrigued and delighted, as Fowser unveils a captivating program of new compositions featuring the suitably swinging assistance of his working band featuring Tadataka Unno on piano, Vince Dupont on bass, Joe Strasser on drums and Josh Bruneau on trumpet. Fowser continues to demonstrate a strong and well refined vision for his own music as a leader and composer that is both emotionally engaging and entertaining. With a delicate balance of modernity and classic aesthetics, Morning Light is insightfully straight forward, refreshingly melodic and full of bright moments for the ears of jazz fans everywhere.

1. Moving Forward
Length: 05:18
2. Three for Leathers
Length: 04:47
3. In the Blue
Length: 04:59
4. Seventy Sixers
Length: 04:09
5. This That & The Other Thing
Length: 05:42
6. Morning Light
Length: 06:26
7. That Was Then
Length: 04:35
8. The Instigator
Length: 05:27
9. Without Saying
Length: 05:02
10. Firefly
Length: 05:35
11. Vitamin E
Length: 02:58
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 54:58
UPC: 768707820429