Jim & Paul Play Glenn & Ludwig

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/21/2018
Style(s): Post Bop, Third Stream
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Hardly anyone knows Damia today, a famous French singer and actress who is considered the model of later world stars such as Edith Piaf, Barbara or Juliette Greco. In her chansons, Damia almost exclusively sang the life that in her case had tragic elements, which is why she received the nickname la tragedienne de la chanson (the tragic figure of the chanson). The singer was idolized between the world wars, but increasingly forgotten after the occupation of France by the Germans. Damia s story and her repertoire touched me very deeply. She had her own style and was the first Chanteuse realiste in our country, Elodie Lauton explained the motives for Originis, her second album after the much-respected crossover project Terminal B, which she released in 2012 with the group Goldamour. For the homage to her idol Damia, Elodie assembled a number of outstanding European musicians. The result touches and goes directly to your heart. Chansons in her native language with this very special, subtly swinging jazz touch.

1. Moon Light
Length: 05:41
2. The Other Fifth
Length: 05:57
3. Vitamin B51
Length: 03:50
4. Vitamin B52
Length: 04:58
5. Vitamin B53
Length: 04:33
6. Vitamin B54
Length: 03:34
7. First Path
Length: 04:13
8. Second Path
Length: 05:29
9. Day Light
Length: 04:35
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 42:50
UPC: 773811258181