Tribute Rick Wilkins [CD + DVD]

Format: CD
Release Date: 4/20/2018
Style(s): Post Bop, Third Stream
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Picture of TRIBUTE TO RICK WILKINS (W/DVD) (DIG) Fugue in G Minor · Ensemble Vivant Source

Ensemble Vivant is a pioneer in the piano chamber music world, championing a genre-diverse repertoire ranging from classical to ragtime. Rick Wilkins recognized the uniqueness and importance of this group and has been one the group's biggest supporters and an integral force in the Ensemble Vivant's career. Join Ensemble Vivant in this recording of the Tribute concert honoring Rick Wilkin's incomparable contribution to the jazz world featuring other jazz greats such as Guido Basso, Brian Barlow and Mike Murley.

1. All the Things You Are
Length: 09:23
2. My One and Only
Length: 06:17
3. I Never Know When
Length: 04:40
4. Fugue in G Minor
Length: 03:21
5. Milonga for Three
Length: 06:24
6. Andalucia
Length: 04:39
7. Summer Skies
Length: 04:09
8. Serenata
Length: 04:52
9. Greensleeves
Length: 05:07
10. Chaplin Medley
Length: 09:40
11. Circa 1910
Length: 05:11
12. American Ballad
Length: 05:44
13. Ragtime
Length: 04:46
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 74:13
UPC: 776143745428