How to Say Sorry and Other Lessons

Format: CD
Release Date: 10/9/2020
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Baring one's soul is an extraordinarily vulnerable experience. Exposing a fully human character, with all it's valour and flaws, can yield painful backlash or life-altering freedom. Fawn Fritzen's "How to Say Sorry and Other Lessons" describes her path to self-actualization. A collection of material this raw can feel perilous to share, and yet - "these songs deserve a life of their own." - Co-written with pianist/composer/life-partner David Restivo, the music encompasses swing, funk, pop, gospel, and even a touch of reggae. It is just as varied in it's sentiment and depth. From the poignancy of unforeseen heartbreak (Bittersweet Goodbye) to a battle cry for female emancipation (Make a Little Noise), the result is a beautiful extended metaphor for rebuilding a life after loss. Fritzen aims to create not just a body of music, but also an event that honestly examines emotions and inspires conversation. The stories build in intensity as she progresses, culminating at her lowest point, where she felt the deepest self-loathing, and climaxing at her most empowered.

1. I Saw the Sun Today
Length: 04:49
2. Bittersweet Goodbye
Length: 03:54
3. Stronger Than You Know
Length: 05:40
4. Kintsugi
Length: 04:24
5. Make a Little Noise
Length: 04:50
6. Gaslight
Length: 05:12
7. With You Love
Length: 03:38
8. Show Me Your Heart
Length: 04:15
9. Dragonfly
Length: 04:57
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 41:39
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