Format: CD
Release Date: 8/10/2018
Style(s): Vocal
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New Orleans jazz veteran Tom Hook presents 62, backed by the impeccable New Orleans All-Stars. 62 features 13 entrancing songs including "That Old Black Magic," "Come Fly With Me," "Lipstick Traces," and more. Parading out a modern nostalgia reminiscent of Louis Prima and the Andrews Sisters, "Hook takes you back to a time and place that won't come again but it's certainly nice to fall into when a real practitioner makes it drop by. Killer stuff sure to fill your Rat Pack sweet tooth. - Midwest Record

1. Buona Sera
Length: 02:57
2. Bounce Me Brother with a Solid Four
Length: 03:22
3. Come Fly with Me
Length: 03:00
4. Lipstick Traces
Length: 03:37
5. Let Them Talk
Length: 04:26
6. At the Sing Cats Ball
Length: 03:09
7. Someday
Length: 03:09
8. My Jug and I
Length: 03:13
9. I Never Talk to Strangers
Length: 03:04
10. That Old Black Magic
Length: 04:36
11. After My Laughter Came Tears
Length: 04:57
12. I Hear a Sound
Length: 08:03
13. Here's to Life
Length: 04:27
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 52:00
UPC: 780941146325