You're Gonna Hear from Me

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Release Date: 12/7/2018
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James Suggs has a distinctive sound, delivered with an extraordinary command of the instrument. James' inventive phrasing and remarkable breath control are teamed with an edge-of-your-seat unpredictability in his melodic ideas. Every note is played with purpose, and every solo tells a story. With the swinging, soulful saxophonist and producer Houston Person a truly 'dream team' band session.

1. When I Grow Too Old to Dream
2. Laura
3. The Night We Called It a Day
4. But Oh, What Love
5. Be My Love
6. Detour Ahead
7. My Baby Kinda Sweet
8. The Ripple
9. It Shouldn't Happen to a Dream
10. Blame It on My Youth
11. Rachel's Blues
12. You're Gonna Hear from Me
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Total Length: 00:00
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