Blue in Green

Format: CD
Release Date: 11/30/2018
Label: D.C. Jazz
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This recording, the fifth CD for pianist & veteran Bay Area Jazz DJ Dick Conte is a loving tribute to his late friend and mentor Bill Evans. They became friends in the 60 s, joining for several interviews over the years on KJAZ, including his last, shortly before he passed on September 15, 1980. Coincidentally Blue in Green was recorded at Fantasy studio D on September 14th 2018, the day before ceasing operations the next day on the anniversary of Bill s passing. Bassist Steve Webber appears on four of the CDs, 2 Quartets with Saxophonist Steve Heckman, and 2 Trio including the latest. Blue in Green was co-produced by Dick and veteran drummer and band leader Akira Tana, who has recorded and performed with numerous jazz legends. Akira replaced the late drummer and jazz author Bill Moody who played on the previous CDS. Included are four Conte originals, Song for Bill, Munay Blue, (for a granddaughter) Sicily, and Christina s Castle solo (for a daughter). Also standards associated with Bill Evans including the Miles Davis collaborations Blue in Green and All Blues. Also included: Softly as in a Morning Sunrise, My foolish heart (solo), Come Rain or Come Shine, Gentle Rain and Slow Hot Wind (medley) I m getting Sentimental Over You Yesterdays, Yours Is My Heart Alone and closes out with That s All and Some Other Time. dcjazz 55 was recorded in Fantasy Studio D in Berkeley on the Yamaha chosen and used by Evans for numerous recording sessions.

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