The Art of Two

Format: CD
Release Date: 7/6/2018
Style(s): Latin
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Picture of ART OF TWO Johanna - Ramón Valle & Orlando "Maraca" Valle Source

Featuring Ramón Valle (piano) Orlando 'Maraca' Valle (flute). A clear example of how, bypassing all clichés and simplifications and starting from the foundations of an essential and generally accepted Cubanía best Jazz, which opens in a universal contemporary sonority. The closeness of these Cuban cousins and world class musicians is very apparent at first listen. Cuban, Jazz and Classical.

1. Johanna
Length: 04:05
2. Love for Marah
Length: 03:05
3. El Guanajo Relleno
Length: 03:56
4. Alena
Length: 07:26
5. Monologo
Length: 04:00
6. Latin for Two
Length: 03:42
7. Tú Mi Delirio
Length: 09:01
8. Miguajira con Tumbao
Length: 04:08
9. Puentes
Length: 03:37
10. Amigos
Length: 03:36
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 46:36
UPC: 798747713122