Foursight - Stockhom, Vol. 1

Format: CD
Release Date: 11/22/2019
Album Personnel: Renee Rosnes (Piano), Jimmy Greene (Saxophone), Payton Crossley (Drums)
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NEA Jazz Master Ron Carter with Renee Rosnes, Jimmy Greene and Payton Crossley on November 17, 2018 Live in Sweden!

The strings vibrate gently. Accurate tone, unconditionally clear. And quietly. The longest fingers of jazz seem to dance weightlessly along the wooden bridge; yearning, filigree and elegant. No one else sounds like Ron Carter. His double bass often produces a crisp groove like an electric bass, yet it is always clearly definable as the sound of a classical music instrument. Then the sound under the scorpion-like hands irresistibly swells. Payton Crossley gently caresses the cymbal, and Jimmy Green, the ''new member'' on the tenor saxophone as well as pianist Renee Rosnes push the chorus onto the finely crocheted rhythm cover. ''With us, nobody knows exactly what happens when,'' Carter praised the Foursight Quartet's unique selling point. ''This is precisely why every concert is a real challenge. We almost always play 35 to 40 minutes without a stop at the beginning. No breaks, just slight changes that show the beginning of a new song. If we were a classical music band, it would be called a symphony with five movements. This kind of thing only works with this band!''

...''Many of my colleagues still focus on their solos. I concentrate on the music and on this very special moment. When I have reached it, I rejoice every time!'' The zenith as a permanent state.

Excerpt from the liner notes by Reinhard Köchl May 2019

1. Cominando
Length: 07:38
2. Joshua
Length: 08:50
3. Little Waltz
Length: 07:03
4. Seguaro
Length: 10:34
5. Cominando
Length: 01:59
6. Nearly
Length: 13:10
7. You and the Night and the Music
Length: 07:57
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 57:11
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