Format: CD
Release Date: 8/16/2019
Label: OA2
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Meeting in the storied musical environs of New Orleans, Honduran pianist Oscar Rossignoli, Pittsburgh bassist Matt Booth and Louisiana-bred drummer Brad Webb, bring their varied pasts together in the development of an expansive group identity through their distinctive writing and dynamic improvisational reflexes. With each contributing and structuring their compositions with awareness of the other's musical personalities, the feeling of a collective consciousness invigorates. From the cool groove and fleet soloing from Rossignoli on his own title track, to the galloping 'Connie,' or the delicate and open-aired 'Loft Spaces,' Extended creates a rich, sculpted landscape, much in the tradition of modern piano trios like E. S. T. , but rooted firmly in the musical soil of their adopted hometown.

1. Sweet Teeth
Length: 06:56
2. Harbinger
Length: 06:22
3. Handwritten Letters
Length: 07:19
4. Nepotism
Length: 06:51
5. Words That Begin with Seven
Length: 04:41
6. Secrets
Length: 06:21
7. Connie
Length: 06:35
8. Some Are Some
Length: 05:01
9. When the Internet Breaks
Length: 04:40
10. Loft Spaces
Length: 06:39
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 61:25
UPC: 805552217124