Gentle Beacons

Format: CD
Release Date: 3/20/2020
Label: OA2
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With a lyrical modern jazz sensibility, saxophonist/composer Tim Shaghoian's debut album is a thoughtful exploration of hope and wonder. Speaking to the beauty of human connection and grappling with the emotional fallout from loss, Shaghoian's compositions developed as gentle beacons guiding him toward a sense of clarity in understanding life events that have impacted him most. His nine original compositions, performed by his California-based quintet of guitarist Chris Janzen, pianist Kevin Person Jr., bassist Richard Giddens, and drummer Antonio Montanez, dance with subtle shifts of emotion while song-like melodies are framed in unexpected rhythmic and harmonic structures. The album was produced by modern jazz luminary Peter Epstein, a longtime mentor of Shaghoian's.

1. Old Haven in the Waves
Length: 03:37
2. Heart Alligned
Length: 07:09
3. Neukölln
Length: 07:37
4. Flying Hat
Length: 05:05
5. My Foolish Heart
Length: 06:39
6. Monument
Length: 05:04
7. Unrest
Length: 09:20
8. Picture of a Dream
Length: 08:28
9. Friendship in the End (For Julia)
Length: 06:08
10. Writing Desk
Length: 04:47
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 63:54
UPC: 805552217926