Coldwater Stories

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/15/2017
Style(s): Post Bop
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Picture of COLDWATER STORIES Migration - Florian Hoefner Solo Source

Following three critically-acclaimed studio recordings with his touring quartet, pianist Florian Hoefner presents a live solo set of new works, recorded at the acoustically sublime Sendesaal in Bremen, Germany. Inspired by the maritime landscape around the island of Newfoundland, his recently adapted home, Coldwater Stories explores the intersection between composition and improvisation, allowing Hoefner the freedom to improvise entire harmonic progressions or to reinvent the form of a piece during performances. Many of the works consist of one or more composed "Islands," surrounded by a sea of open space that is left to be filled with improvisation. Ultimately the two become indistinguishable, blending together to tell a unified story.

1. The Great Auk
Length: 05:18
2. Migration
Length: 06:35
3. The Send
Length: 07:34
4. The Way of Water
Length: 05:51
5. Never Lost
Length: 04:44
6. Iceberg No. 1
Length: 02:56
7. Green Gardens
Length: 04:24
8. Sunrise Bay
Length: 07:43
9. Iceberg No. 2
Length: 05:25
10. With the North Atlantic
Length: 03:46
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Total Length: 54:16
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