Format: CD
Release Date: 9/15/2017
Style(s): Vocal
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With an interesting blend of jazz, soul and pop, Tokyo-based singer/songwriter Emi Meyer has carved out a wide-ranging career in Japan with her songs featured in TV, movies and advertising, and her performances ranging from small jazz clubs to major stages throughout Asia. For her debut U.S. recording, Meyer combines music from a set recorded in Paris with Belgian pianist Eric Legnini's French quartet, and new originals recorded in Seattle and featuring guitarist Dan Balmer & pianist Dawn Clement. From her own compositions to classics like "I'd Rather Go Blind" from Etta James' songbook, Michael Buble's "Home," or "What A Wonderful World," Emi's intimate readings project poignancy and grace, tying them all together in an engaging package.

1. Odyssey
Length: 04:33
2. If I Think of You
Length: 03:29
3. Monochrome
Length: 03:37
4. I'd Rather Go Blind
Length: 03:51
5. Para'so
Length: 04:02
6. Home
Length: 04:12
7. Master Piece
Length: 04:21
8. Flesh and Bones
Length: 03:17
9. What a Wonderful World
Length: 04:09
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 35:31
UPC: 805558274220