Love the Moment

Format: CD
Release Date: 8/16/2019
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Now in the middle of a towering career as founder & leader of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, musical director for Rubén Blades, and pianist, arranger and producer for some of the biggest names in Contemporary Latin music, three-time Grammy winner Oscar Hernández turns to his working quintet to present "Love the Moment." Pulling from several lifetimes worth of musical experiences, Hernandez penned ten originals to perform with his Los Angeles-based ensemble, featuring the legendary saxophonist Justo Almario and special guests, San Diego trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos and violinist Dayren Santamaria, along with drummer Jimmy Branly, bassist Oscar Cartaya, and percussionist Christian Moraga.

1. Otro Nivel
Length: 04:53
2. Love the Moment
Length: 06:05
3. Latino Jazz
Length: 05:57
4. Danzon for Lisa
Length: 05:17
5. Mi Cancion Es Para Ti
Length: 04:43
6. Silent Prayers
Length: 06:08
7. Alternate Roots
Length: 05:08
8. Sentimiento de Amor
Length: 05:23
9. Groove for Peace
Length: 04:22
10. Mindful Thoughts
Length: 05:58
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 53:54
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