Fever of Unknown Origin

Format: CD
Release Date: 7/26/2019
Style(s): Vocal
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Texas troubadour Kristy Krüger didn't set out with the intention to make her new record a melting pot of American music. Yet, look back at the arc of her career and the events that led to the creation of Fever of Unknown Origin, and it becomes clear that it was a near inevitability. Equal parts songwriter, performer, storyteller, and musical historian, on her new record, the songstress (whose last release made it to the first round of Grammy nominees) weaves together threads of traditional jazz and blues, Dixieland, Western swing, and classic country into a melodic tapestry that fits squarely into the canon of distinctly American music while still sounding undeniably fresh and modern. In November of 2006, Krüger received the tragic news that her brother, Lieutenant Colonel Eric Kruger, was killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad, Iraq. Krüger decided that the best way she had of paying tribute to her sibling was by using his love of history to guide the journey of creating Fever of Unknown Origin (in collaboration with engineer Andrew Gilchrist). Singer, songwriter, storyteller (and now historical preservationist), with a deft hand and delicate touch, Kristy Krüger has succeeded in crafting a modern Americana sound that will continue to resonate through the ages.

1. What I Do
Length: 03:25
2. Home Is Everywhere I Roam
Length: 03:09
3. The Carpenter
Length: 02:53
4. Folsom Prison Blues
Length: 04:28
5. I Long for the Night All Day
Length: 02:41
6. I Cried for all that Might Have Been
Length: 03:24
7. Johnny and June
Length: 03:41
8. It Hurts Most of All When I'm Standing Still
Length: 03:24
9. Goodbye Brother
Length: 03:55
10. I Fell in Love with a Man Who Said He Loved Me
Length: 03:25
11. Directions for a Sudden Death
Length: 04:37
12. Johnny and June (Solo Piano)
Length: 03:48
13. Come and Gone
Length: 03:56
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 46:46
UPC: 805996872453