The Journey

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/15/2020
Label: Ictus Records
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Recorded in May 2015 in San Diego, CA, this is one of the last recording of the extraordinary clarinet player Perry Robinson, a musician that since the 60s has been considered a staple of the NY avant-garde scene. Not only he also had more traditional collaboration with musicians like the Brubeck's, Tony Scott and many other. Hi was one of the columns of the Charlie Haden Liberation Orchestra, a sideman with Don Cherry, Gato Barbieri, John Fisher. In this CD in duo with percussionist, electronic experiments artist Andrea Centazzo once again he cross the genres from extremely inventive sound scapes to hunting melodies all improvised in 2 days session.

1. The Journey No. 1
Length: 05:53
2. The Journey No. 2
Length: 05:08
3. The Journey No. 3
Length: 03:46
4. The Journey No. 4
Length: 04:29
5. The Journey No. 5
Length: 03:58
6. The Journey No. 6
Length: 04:53
7. The Journey No. 7
Length: 06:00
8. The Journey No. 8
Length: 04:35
9. The Journey No. 9
Length: 06:12
10. The Journey No. 10
Length: 03:33
11. The Journey No. 11
Length: 04:55
12. The Journey No. 12
Length: 03:52
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 57:14
UPC: 814519025870