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Many people got to know Vince Guaraldi through his 1963 Grammy®- winning song, "Cast Your Fate To The Wind," or via the group, Sounds Orchestral's top 10 cover of it two years later. Lee Mendelson heard Guaraldi's version while working on a Peanuts documentary, and contacted Guaraldi, asking him to score the upcoming Peanuts Christmas special. It was a match made in television and musical history. With songs like "Linus And Lucy" and "Christmas Time Is Here," the special became a hit and for over five decades not a holiday season goes by without an airing of the television classic. So potent and successful was the Peanuts/Guaraldi combination that Guaraldi went on to score a total of 15 Peanuts television specials and the first feature film.

1. Linus and Lucy
2. You're in Love, Charlie Brown
3. Peppermint Patty
4. Great Pumpkin Waltz
5. He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown
6. Oh, Good Grief
7. Red Baron
8. Rain, Rain Go Away
9. Nobody Else
10. Lucifer's Lady
11. Black Sheep Boy
12. Once I Loved
13. The Beat Goes On
14. Yesterday
15. Coffee and Doe-Nuts
16. Reason to Believe
17. It Was a Very Good Year
18. Do you Know the Way to San Jose
19. The Beat Goes On
20. Oh, Happy Day
21. The Share Cropper's Daughter
22. The Masked Marvel
23. Cristo Redentor
24. Detained in San Ysidro
25. Eleanor Rigby
26. Uno y Uno
27. Alma-Ville
28. Rio form the Air
29. Watch What Happens
30. Jimbo's
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