Bob Baldwin Presents Abbey Road and The Beatles

Format: CD
Release Date: 11/30/2018
Label: BFD Records
Style(s): Smooth
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It was there where the New York Pianist/Arranger caught that infamous 'Beatles Bug' that had obviously swept the United States... truly a British Invasion. That bug is in full-effect with 10 catchy Beatles tracks suitable for jazz piano, with some stellar vocals from CeCe Peniston ("The Fool on the Hill"), and DC legend Lori Williams on the original piece "Abbey Road" and the sultry grooved- out "My Love". Ragan Whiteside shines brightly on "Michelle (My Girl)" on flute, and the first scheduled single of "Imagine (Living As One)' features a smooth west- coast sax offering by Euge Groove. "Abbey Road" is a must-have for all Beatles and Baldwin fans alike.

1. Come Together (Can We All Just Get Along?)
Length: 06:01
2. (Mellow) Yellow Submarine
Length: 07:06
3. And I Love Her
Length: 05:25
4. Don't Wanna Be (The Fool on the Hill)
Length: 05:52
5. Imagine (Living as One)
Length: 05:10
6. Michelle (My Girl)
Length: 05:52
7. Something (In the Way She Moves) [Instrumental]
Length: 03:44
8. My Love
Length: 04:19
9. Abbey Road
Length: 04:38
10. Yesterday
Length: 04:41
11. Eleanor Rigby
Length: 06:10
12. Something (In the Way She Moves) [Vocal]
Length: 04:42
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 63:40
UPC: 819376013923