Up & Coming Talents 2020

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/15/2021
Label: Prophone
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Up & Coming Jazz Talents is a project where Bohuslän Big Band meets young, sharp jazz musicians. Together we play music that the talents choose. The project was started in 2013 and returns every year. The meeting between the band and the young musicians creates new musical exchanges and also opportunities for future collaboration. Several of the young musicians we played with earlier in the project have either returned as guest artists or substitutes in the Bohuslän Big Band. This album resulted in the 2020 edition of Up & Coming Jazz Talents in fantastic concerts at Vara Konserthus and Nefertiti where the audience got to hear tomorrow's jazz stars. His interest – late in life – in popular song and his high TV profile in much loved opera and stage show numbers. He retained his inimitable vocal timbre with its positively sensual beauty of sound throughout his long singing career. This “gold standard” was attained at best by Fritz Wunderlich in the German-speaking world. Schock’s personality and his stage presence assured him a loyal following; later generations can form their own picture with the aid of the present recordings.

1. November
Length: 08:33
2. Waves of Gold
Length: 05:17
3. Gira
Length: 06:16
4. The Song Is You
Length: 09:36
5. Soir á la Vilette
Length: 06:38
6. Laverne Walk
Length: 06:38
7. Wading the Water
Length: 04:48
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 47:46
UPC: 822359002166