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Release Date: 11/15/2019
Label: Prophone
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Ellas Kapell was formed in the fall of 2016. Sharing an enthusiastic view on the great musical catalogue of Ella Fitzgerald, the band found it's moniker and initial repertoire. The repertoire has since expanded beyond the limits of Ella's songbook, but the band name remains. In 2018 the band started working on it's debut album Longing. Each band member chose their select few favorite jazz standards and expanded on their thematic and symbolic contents. Clad in new arrangements, the compositions retain their original core, but make bold excursions to modern, daring and personal realms. Addressed topics include rejection, abandonment, romance in the autumn of life, obsession and longing for the past. Some of the interpretations remain simple, carried only by the fragility of lyrics and harmony, while others make room for virtuosity and playfulness. Four of the tracks include guest musician Klas Lindquist on saxophone and clarinet.

1. The Nearness of You
Length: 05:23
2. You'd Be so Nice to Come Home To
Length: 04:57
3. The Lady Is a Tramp (feat. Klas Lindquist)
Length: 04:45
4. Darn That Dream (feat. Klas Lindquist)
Length: 07:08
5. As Long as I Live
Length: 05:08
6. Body and Soul (feat. Klas Linquist)
Length: 06:26
7. Almost Like Being in Love
Length: 03:51
8. All of Me (feat. Klas Lindquist)
Length: 04:10
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 41:48
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