Format: CD
Release Date: 3/13/2020
Label: Prophone
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The horns of Lindeborg/Andersson have been heard on recordings and on tour with an extensive list of Swedish and international artists. While touring with Björn Skifs (Hooked on a feeling) the idea was born to pay tribute to the genre that had always been closest to their hearts. The dream was to take their favorite players/singers to a studio and make an album which Lindeborg describes as "a heartfelt, energetic smooth jazz record featuring all of our favorite friends from Sweden and abroad." The group's first release received critical praise, and now the follow-up album, Two, is sure to garner the same respect.

1. Golden State
Length: 04:26
2. Get Up
Length: 03:45
3. Workin'
Length: 03:51
4. You're Everything
Length: 03:51
5. Twin Cities
Length: 06:02
6. More Than You'll Ever Know
Length: 05:32
7. Love in a Time of Darkness
Length: 05:01
8. Stepping Up
Length: 03:17
9. Meditation
Length: 05:54
10. Faithfully
Length: 04:15
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Disc Count: 0
Total Length: 45:54
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