Format: CD
Release Date: 5/22/2020
Label: Prophone
Style(s): Vocal
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When Anna Lundqvist (voc) and Jonas André (piano) met over 20 years ago, they soon realized they had a special kind of musical connection - a communication of a near telepathic nature. Now the duo reunites to rekindle that old spark again, and to release their debut album, Reunion, into the world. The music flows seamlessly between European jazz and pop, where original material intertwines with songs by, for instance, Joni Mitchell, Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winstone, Alexander Lövmark, Anders von Hofsten, and Jay-Jay Johansson. Melancholic harmony and drama are the key elements that make up the profound and honest repertoire with lyrics about life, passion, and will. It was 20 years ago, when they both studied at Skurup's Folk High School, that they played together for the first time. And despite coming from different musical backgrounds, they quickly realized they had a special kind of musical chemistry. However, life and further studies made them decide to pause the duo indefinitely. But the will to play together never went away, and now the duo has been revived to develop that chemistry and to make new music.

1. Just Sometimes
Length: 05:19
2. Vocatio
Length: 05:01
3. For Jan
Length: 06:09
4. From Major to Minor
Length: 05:05
5. Soul Stretch
Length: 04:46
6. Pearl
Length: 03:59
7. Ocean and Sand
Length: 04:51
8. Hello. Goodbye
Length: 04:32
9. Moving in Me
Length: 04:17
10. Black Crow
Length: 04:25
11. The Nearness of You
Length: 05:16
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 53:40
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