Format: CD
Release Date: 9/11/2020
Label: Prophone
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The music for the album North was recorded over two days in late February 2020. Using a handful of compositions as a starting point, we captured a flow of inspired, intuitive collaborative music. The word improvisation literally means unforeseen, and during the session we were able to be present, to be open to the unforeseen, and to come together in music. The compositions on NORTH are dedicated to people, places and phenomena that are meaningful to me in different ways. (Anders Hagberg)

1. Islands of the North
Length: 04:34
2. Inga
Length: 04:55
3. Avenue Junot
Length: 06:13
4. North
Length: 04:58
5. Four Three
Length: 05:45
6. Melodic Modes
Length: 07:20
7. Gi∂∂a
Length: 02:22
8. Silent Way
Length: 07:28
9. Children
Length: 06:09
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Total Length: 49:44
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