Classic Albums (1959-60)

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/5/2017
Album Personnel: Nat Adderley (Trumpet), Bobby Timmons (Piano), Barry Harris (Piano), Victor Feldman (Vibraphone), Sam Jones (Acoustic Upright Bass), Louis Hayes (Drums)
Label: Acrobat
Style(s): Hard Bop
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In the immediate aftermath of his spell in Miles Davis' band, during which time that legendary ensemble recorded the classic Milestones and Kind of Blue albums, alto saxophonist and bandleader Julian “Cannonball” Adderley formed a new quintet that recorded a series of albums over the next year or so, which are regarded as some of his most significant work, and the content of three of those original LP releases – The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco, Them Dirty Blues, and At the Lighthouse – is brought together here. This collection captures one of the genre's important personalities leading one of his best groups during a key period of his career, and it makes for thoroughly entertaining listening. 

1. This Here
Length: 12:29
2. Spontaneous Combustion
Length: 11:55
3. Hi-Fly
Length: 11:09
4. You Got It!
Length: 05:10
5. Bohemia After Dark
Length: 08:06
6. Work Song
Length: 05:07
7. Dat Dere
Length: 05:29
8. Easy Living
Length: 04:19
9. Del Sasser
Length: 04:38
10. Jeannine
Length: 07:15
11. Soon
Length: 05:32
12. Them Dirty Blues
Length: 07:10
13. Sack o' Woe
Length: 10:45
14. Big "P"
Length: 05:55
15. Blue Daniel
Length: 07:31
16. Azule Serape
Length: 09:29
17. Exodus
Length: 07:40
18. What Is This Thing Called Love?
Length: 04:48
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 134:27
UPC: 824046319724