Collection 1921-32 [3 CDs]

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Founded in Kansas City in 1918 by drummer Carleton Coon and pianist Joe Sanders as The Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra, they found fame via broadcasts of their 'live' performances from the city's Muelebach Hotel on radio WDAF, which could be heard across the USA

1. Some Little Bird
2. Night Hawk Blues
3. Red Hot Mama
4. My Daddy's Dreamtime Lullaby
5. Oriental Love Dreams
6. There's No One Just Like You
7. Why Don't My Dreams Come True'
8. Lazy Waters
9. Moonlight and You
10. Show Me the Way
11. Some of These Days
12. I'm Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston
13. Alone at Last
14. Yes Sir! That's My Baby
15. That's All There Is
16. Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now
17. Hong Kong Dream Girl
18. Dreaming of Tomorrow
19. I Can't Realize
20. Flamin' Mamie
21. Louise You Tease
22. Moon Deer (Indian Love Song)
23. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
24. Sittin' Around
25. Deep Henderson
26. My Baby Knows How
27. Brainstorm
28. I Need Loving
29. High Fever
30. I Ain't Got Nobody
31. Roodles
32. Smilin' Skies
33. Mine All Mine
34. Is She My Girl Friend
35. Stay Out of the South (If You Want to Miss a Heaven on Earth)
36. Sluefoot
37. Hallucinations
38. Ready for the River
39. Oh You Have No Idea
40. Too Busy
41. Down Where the Sun Goes Down
42. Indian Cradle Song
43. Blazin'
44. What a Girl What a Night
45. Who Wouldn't Be Jealous of You
46. Here Comes My Ball and Chain
47. Mississippi Here I Am
48. Little Orphan Annie
49. Bless You Sister
50. Kansas City Kitty
51. Tennessee Lazy
52. And Especially You
53. The Flippity Flop
54. Gotta Great Big Date with a Little Bitty Girl
55. Alone in the Rain
56. Moaning for You
57. Harlem Madness
58. We Love Us
59. Darktown Strutter's Ball
60. After You've Gone
61. Sweepin' the Clouds Away
62. What a Life (Trying to Live Without You)
63. Let That Be a Lesson to You
64. Sing a New Song
65. Lo and Behold
66. Keepin' Out of Mischief Now
67. Round My Heart
68. I Want to Go Home
69. On Revival Day
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