Cedar Walton Quartet: Recorded Live at the Umbria Jazz Fest [DVD]

Format: DVD
Release Date: 4/19/2005
Label: TDK DVD
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Four legends teamed up in 1975 and gave birth to the band named Eastern Rebellion: George Coleman, Sam Jones, Billy Higgins and Cedar Walton. TDK documents a concert that they gave a year later at the Umbria Jazz Festival in Orvieto, Italy. Thirty years on, this band seems like a herald of things to come, taking the musical direction that was to find favor again in the 80s. The four musicians had played music at the highest level all their lives and gained their status as legends mostly in the important sideman function. The trio worked together like a dream, as Cedar Walton confirmed "With Billy, you were right in the music from the very first moment; you never had to warm up".


1. Bolivia
Length: 14:06
2. Naima
Length: 11:47
3. Seven Mind
Length: 12:33
4. Blue Monk
Length: 08:13
5. Firm Roots
Length: 13:33
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 60:12
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