Full Circle

Format: CD
Release Date: 8/17/2018
Style(s): Latin
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Picture of FULL CIRCLE Lindo Yambú - Eddie Palmieri Source

Following the crossover jazz album Sabiduria in 2017, Mr. Palmieri revisits his roots for the first of two salsa classic albums to be released in 2018. Full Circle features an astonishing cast of the best - Brian Lynch, Conrad Herwig, "Little" Johnny Rivero, Luques Curtis - with Mr. Palmieri is peak form on the piano. Salsa has been a very specific style for many years, but the crossover potential is at a new high as younger audiences search jazz for new, uplifting music.

1. Vámonos Pa’l Monte
Length: 06:19
2. Azúcar
Length: 08:04
3. Muñeca
Length: 09:58
4. Lindo Yambú
Length: 07:49
5. Óyelo Que Te Conviene
Length: 05:05
6. Palo Pa’ Rumba
Length: 09:53
7. Pa’ la Ocha Tambó
Length: 05:43
8. Vámonos Pa’l Monte (Big Band Extended Version)
Length: 07:31
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 60:22
UPC: 824833021540