Little Big

Format: CD
Release Date: 10/26/2018
Label: Ropeadope
Style(s): Post Bop
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Aaron Parks created a stir with his debut in 2008,  Invisible Cinemaand we are thrilled to announce the natural successor to that album. Aaron Park's Little Big is a lush, melodic and driving work, blending genre and style in a fluid narrative from start to finish. The title references the novel by John Crowley, but also informs us that this is a band; Greg Tuohey with a searing tone on guitar, David 'DJ' Ginyard on bass, and Tommy Crane on drums. As a unit, they bring Parks' compositions to perfect expression, moving across the space and time of different styles to reflect the interwoven and complex world we now inhabit. Aaron Park's Little Big is an easy listen at any time, always ready for your attention when you are ready to dig deeper, and it leaves you with a sense of comfort and optimism.

1. Kid
Length: 07:22
2. Small Planet
Length: 06:13
3. The Trickster
Length: 06:34
4. Professor Strangeweather
Length: 04:25
5. Lilac
Length: 02:22
6. Digital Society
Length: 07:56
7. Siren
Length: 08:02
8. Mandala
Length: 04:52
9. Hearth
Length: 01:31
10. The Fool
Length: 05:11
11. Bells
Length: 05:38
12. Rising Mind
Length: 04:22
13. Good Morning
Length: 05:24
14. Doors Open
Length: 02:59
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 72:51
UPC: 824833022028