Everything's Ok

Format: CD
Release Date: 12/7/2018
Label: Ropeadope
Style(s): Free
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Whose Hat Is This?, a collaboration of Tedeschi Trucks Band members Tim Lefebvre, Tyler "Falcon" Greenwell, J.J. Johnson, and Kebbi Williams, are pleased to announce the release of their second album, Everything's OK (Featuring Kokayi). This offering has already received praise by Relix, Grateful Web, and PopMatters. The band combines meteoric musical heights with outlandish grooves. It's free-jazz you can dance to. Cecil Taylor could never say that. The band's beginnings are truly organic- in 2015 the bandmates, while on an European tour with TTB, found themselves with a day off. An impromptu decision to take the stage at A-Trane, a jazz club in Berlin, with no material and no preconditions allowed the then un-named band to explore and stretch out. It was a one-off gig and a total dice-roll. To the band it felt like what happens when God's jello finally sets; some members of the audience threw their clothes (was that a hat?), others simply had to go home and journal. This was music that needed to be pursued.

1. Chomp-Chomp-Chomp / Love! (feat. Kokayi)
Length: 07:21
2. Pre-Dug Holes
Length: 05:04
3. Jon Homes
Length: 04:16
4. X's for Eyes
Length: 04:48
5. Run
Length: 03:43
6. Zeroes and Ones
Length: 06:22
7. Sides of the Ditch
Length: 03:12
8. Bring in the Gimp
Length: 03:57
9. Release the Cracklins
Length: 02:52
10. Tub-A-Love
Length: 07:35
11. We Make Free Jazz Great Again
Length: 02:42
12. If I Had to Decide Between Pork and You...
Length: 02:48
13. The Quietest Note Ever Played
Length: 02:43
14. Microphone Check Intro
Length: 01:59
15. Kebbi Played a Note
Length: 03:52
16. Well Alright, Playboy
Length: 03:02
17. Down
Length: 05:03
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 71:19
UPC: 824833022721