Life Changes

Format: CD
Release Date: 8/16/2019
Label: Ropeadope
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Tim Ries has held down the saxophone and keyboard chairs with The Rolling Stones for the past 21 years, all the while espousing his love of Jazz on his own projects and shows. In 2005 he hit the studio with a cast of greats - Jack DeJohnette, Bill Frisell, Larry Goldings, Grégoire Maret, James Genus and Scott Colley - and recorded a master work. Tim waited to release it as his mother was very ill during the recording, and sadly passed soon after it's completion. And now, fourteen years later, Life Changes from Tim Ries is ready for release. The title speaks to the events that brought him to this point, with reference to his daughters Bella, Eliana, and Jasia (who performs on the album), and the dedication to his mother Edith Ries. The story is unique, and we all get a glimpse into the past with some of the best players on the planet. And yet the story quickly moves away as you listen; Life Changes could well have been recorded yesterday in it's adventurous and grand style.

1. Life Changes
Length: 07:44
2. For Elis
Length: 07:44
3. Monk's Dream
Length: 12:29
4. Eliana's Song
Length: 04:11
5. As It Happens
Length: 08:31
6. Hearing Around Corners
Length: 06:03
7. Bella's Lullaby
Length: 03:18
8. Late Last Night
Length: 07:55
9. Amor Ate O Fim
Length: 05:42
10. It's Magic
Length: 02:04
11. Jasia's Snow Day
Length: 04:58
12. Life Changes Reprise
Length: 15:53
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 86:32
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