Black Magic

Format: CD
Release Date: 3/27/2020
Label: Ropeadope
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Jason Miles's newest release for his Kind of New Band "Black Magic", his first on the Ropeadope label, he is exploring the possibilities of the small electric ensemble based on the same band of superb musicians he recently toured Europe with Reggie Washington on Bass, Gene Lake, Drums, Jay Rodriguez, Sax and Bass Clarinet and Philip Dizack on Trumpet. It is a combination of live tracks recorded at NewBlu in NYC and 4 new studio tracks that were influenced by a recent concert and encounter with Herbie Hancock. Jason recently said "seeing Herbie perform just made me realize how deep you have to go to get the most from your creative soul. I re-evaluated the new music I had and realized I hadn't explored my musical soul deep enough. I locked myself in my studio and came up with 4 new tracks that I couldn't be happier with and decided to call it Black Magic.There was some other vibes going on for sure".

1. Black Magic
Length: 04:54
2. Kathy's Groove
Length: 03:20
3. The Other Side of the World
Length: 05:24
4. Wolfedelic
Length: 05:15
5. Interlude
Length: 01:04
6. Jean Pierre
Length: 11:06
7. Ferrari
Length: 12:11
8. Kats Eye
Length: 11:00
9. Street Vibe
Length: 08:20
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 62:34
UPC: 824833029799