Format: CD
Release Date: 6/22/2010
Album Personnel: Oliver Lake (Flute), Wadada Leo Smith (Trumpet), David Murray (Tenor Saxophone)
Label: ESP-Disk
Style(s): Post Bop
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Before his career defining records on Arista/Novus in the 80s and 90s, jazz and fusion guitarist Michael Gregory Jackson recorded his debut for ESP-Disk'. The sessions, recorded in New York, Connecticut and Los Angeles in the summer of 1976 are wildly meditative and personify the seventies laid-back vibe. A trio of soft, lilting melodies set the mood; David Murray on tenor sax, Oliver Lake on flute, and the album's leader, Michael Gregory Jackson on acoustic guitar. The unfolding stream of ideas make these improvisations vital today; arhythmic strumming, an enchanted R&B vocal from Mr. Jackson, avant percussive clatter, processed electric guitar, and fiery horn lines over timpani and flute. Composer and trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith, cited as a major influence by Mr. Jackson himself, is featured on the album.

1. Clarity
Length: 04:25
2. A View of This Life
Length: 04:02
3. Oliver Lake
Length: 03:21
4. Prelueoionti
Length: 07:58
5. Ballad
Length: 01:45
6. Clarity (4)
Length: 09:20
7. Ab Bb 1-7-3
Length: 04:25
8. Iomi
Length: 06:43
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 41:59
UPC: 825481030281