The Call [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 3/19/2021
Label: ESP-Disk
Style(s): Free
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For The Call Grimes teamed with highly original clarinetist Perry Robinson (as label owner Bernard Stollman has noted, "a virtuoso who merits far wider recognition... and this recording reflects both of their contributions, in equal measure") and stalwart drummer/ESP-Disk' regular Tom Price. As a bassist, Grimes's melodic style is well up to the task of being co-equal voice with a horn, resulting in a thoughtful and texturally rewarding LP with a level of quality far above the rote sideman session cliche, and far away from equally cliched ideas of unrelentingly full-bore free jazz. It offers the sound of three excellent musicians listening to each other and responding superbly.

1. Fish Story
Length: 04:32
2. For Django
Length: 11:08
3. Walk On
Length: 03:10
4. Saturday Nite What Th'
Length: 03:33
5. The Call
Length: 07:52
6. Son of Alfalfa
Length: 03:20
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 33:35
UPC: 825481102612