Wet Robots

Format: CD
Release Date: 7/6/2018
Label: ESP-Disk
Style(s): Vocal
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Anyone capable of turning a both a Stooges song about shooting smack and a Kinks ode to the sun into free-jazz finery is worth a listener's time. Fay Victor hasn't issued a bunch of music as a leader, and when she has, it's largely been through her own Greene Avenue Music imprint. So, the New York vocalist hooking up with ESP-Disk for Wet Robots is a notable move. Her troupe here, augmented by guitarist Joe Morris, rumbles through aggressively artful free maneuvers, occasionally touching on minimal passages, as on "Whistling on a Skateboard," when Victor summons guttural harmonies in tandem with Sam Newsome's soprano saxophone. - DownBeat Magazine Editors' Pick


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1. Funk Dunk
Length: 03:55
2. A Witness in the Wilderness
Length: 05:24
3. Information Highway
Length: 05:16
4. Police Lights and Sirens
Length: 07:20
5. Squeeze Bottle
Length: 05:01
6. The Blues Are Always Free
Length: 05:51
7. Creative Folks!
Length: 04:49
8. Textured Pines
Length: 10:00
9. Whistling on a Skateboard
Length: 07:18
10. I Sing
Length: 07:44
11. The Ha-Ha's
Length: 01:56
12. Holding Back the Scream
Length: 07:03
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 71:37
UPC: 825481502528