Vwayajé [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 8/9/2019
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Gwakasonné is the ecstatic articulation of Robert Oumaou's artistic and political vision, a unified expression of his interests in American jazz, pre-colonial rhythms, Guadeloupian independence, and Créole poetics. Over the course of three albums, all released in the '80s, Robert piloted a revolving cast of musicians, a venerable who's-who of Point-a-Pitre avant-jazz pioneers, to deftly intone his creative communal concepts. The songs on Vwayajé are compiled from these three releases, Gwakasonné, Temwen, and Moun, along with an electronic mantra taken from his 2007 solo album Sang Comment Taire.

1. Atmosphere
Length: 01:58
2. W3
Length: 03:49
3. Karayib
Length: 04:47
4. Suzy
Length: 04:00
5. Vou
Length: 04:09
6. Siklon
Length: 03:47
7. Pita
Length: 06:13
8. Nirvacina
Length: 03:39
9. Respé
Length: 05:08
10. Lewoz
Length: 04:06
11. Rekreasyon
Length: 03:38
12. Algerie 62
Length: 10:35
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 55:49
UPC: 826853968119