Keyboard Fantasies [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 10/6/2017
Label: Seance Center
Style(s): Fusion
Availability: Backorder

Vinyl LP pressing in a cover featuring carefully reconstructed glasswork design by Alan Briand. Beverly Glenn-Copeland is already known amongst collectors and music heads for two sought-after albums of folky jazz in the key of Joni. But it was this album, originally self-released on cassette in 1986 that really caught our attention. The album, entirely recorded on DX-7 and TR-707, lies somewhere between digital new-age and (accidentally) early Detroit techno experiments. The inimitable style of BGC here is both peaceful and meditative while simultaneously rhythmic and bass heavy. The album was recorded in the northern Canadian town of Huntsville where BGC was living at the time and is a beautiful fusion of personal vision, technology and place.

1. Ever New
Length: 07:08
2. Winter Astral
Length: 06:25
3. Let Us Dance
Length: 07:24
4. Slow Dance
Length: 06:39
5. Old Melody
Length: 04:32
6. Sunset Village
Length: 07:22
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 39:30
UPC: 826853978811