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Release Date: 6/7/2019
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Gratitude is a mosaic of cultural sound and rhythm: jazz, pop, Latin, reggae, funk. Grammy-winning trumpeter Brian Lynch and some of the best musicians in the Midwest bring the music to life. Gratitude is a musical offering of accessible depth and singular focus for each style and emotion represented. "It's all about learning and growing... Gratitude is the perfect expression of those sentiments.

1. Equilibrium
Length: 03:38
2. Whatever Happens
Length: 04:58
3. Just as They Are
Length: 04:27
4. Jackie McFunk
Length: 04:05
5. Hermitage
Length: 04:32
6. Two Against
Length: 05:16
7. Gratitude
Length: 04:38
8. So Little Time
Length: 05:11
9. Interior Silence
Length: 04:34
10. I'd Rather Die
Length: 04:56
11. Dwelling in the Present
Length: 05:20
12. Jardin a Giverny
Length: 02:57
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 54:32
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