Such Sweet Thunder

Format: CD
Release Date: 4/6/2018
Album Personnel: Jeff Coffin (Saxophone), Christina Watson (Vocals), Jeremy Wilson (Trombone), Jerry Kimbrough (Electric Guitar), Roger Spencer (Acoustic Upright Bass), Beegie Adair (Piano)
Style(s): Swing
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Such Sweet Thunder is the swinging and creative debut of the Blair Big Band - the big band from Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Built on the tradition of classic big band jazz, Such Sweet Thunder offers a fresh look at some jazz standards and a peek at what the future of the music might be. The band consists of students from Blair plus some of Nashville's veteran players. But this is no typical college lab band - they swing and blend together with the assurance of a tight, well-travelled working orchestra. "Sorry Not Sorry" kicks off the album with a moody electric piano and wah-wah trumpet setting the stage for electric guitar solo. Standards such as Such Sweet Thunder and "The Very Thought of You" get creative updates. Nashville legend pianist Beegie Adair guests on a beautifully executed arrangement of the latter tune, giving fresh life to an old chestnut with nuanced harmony and exquisite shading. The southern tinged "Atchafalaya" reminds one of the deep south roots of jazz with it's gospel tinged sound, ending with a sharp interchange between electric guitar and horns. A kicking bass solo sets the stage for Christina Watson singing "Cry Me A River", the band building to a powerful climax. The music on Such Sweet Thunder makes a strong case for the bright future of large ensemble jazz.

1. Sorry Not Sorry
Length: 06:47
2. Such Sweet Thunder
Length: 03:19
3. Emily
Length: 05:34
4. Indra Kunindra
Length: 07:00
5. Espoo You
Length: 08:14
6. Cubaneando
Length: 07:41
7. Sivan
Length: 08:22
8. Cry Me a River
Length: 06:21
9. The Very Thought of You
Length: 04:00
10. Atchafalaya
Length: 05:15
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 62:33
UPC: 842840113157