Take Five / Live at Sugar Hill

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/17/2013
Style(s): Vocal
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Picture of TAKE FIVE / LIVE AT SUGAR HILL (BONUS TRACKS) When I Was Young - Carmen McRae Source

The live album Take Five finds Carmen McRae mostly interpreting the lyrics of Iola Brubeck; all dozen songs except Desmond's "Take Five" are Dave Brubeck originals. Her vocal versions of such songs as "In Your Own Sweet Way", "Ode to a Cowboy", "It's a Raggy Waltz", and "Travellin' Blues" are definitive. – All Music Guide
Live from Sugar Hill is an overlooked on-location session from 1963 that reveals, perhaps more than any other recording, why at the time McRae deserved to complete the dominating triumvirate of Ella Fitzgerald's and Sarah Vaughan. On this occasion McRae retains the warm and supple vocal quality of her 1950s Bethlehem and Decca recordings while realizing all of the dramatic potential that always made her second to none as an interpreter of lyrics. – All About Jazz

1. When I Was Young
Length: 02:55
2. In Your Own Sweet Way
Length: 03:03
3. Too Young for Growing Old
Length: 03:03
4. Ode to a Cowboy
Length: 03:06
5. There'll Be No Tomorrow
Length: 04:42
6. Melanctha
Length: 04:47
7. It's a Raggy Waltz
Length: 02:38
8. Oh, So Blue
Length: 02:38
9. Lord, Lord
Length: 05:30
10. Travellin' Blues
Length: 02:59
11. Take Five
Length: 02:21
12. Easy As You Go
Length: 01:44
13. Sunday
Length: 03:19
14. What Kind of Fool Am I?
Length: 03:55
15. A Foggy Day
Length: 01:07
16. I Left My Heart in San Francisco
Length: 06:03
17. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
Length: 04:12
18. Let There Be Love
Length: 03:28
19. This Is All I Ask
Length: 04:03
20. Thou Swell
Length: 01:04
21. It Never Entered My Mind
Length: 04:28
22. Make Someone Happy
Length: 03:18
23. Summer Song
Length: 02:23
24. Easy As You Go
Length: 01:37
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Total Length: 78:23
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