Plenty Good Eaton [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 1/8/2021
Availability: Backorder

The jazz world lost a true legend when bassist Cleveland Eaton passed away in the Summer of 2020. This 1975 album, one of the real gems in the hallowed Black Jazz label catalog, takes the full measure of the man. Cleve recorded Plenty Good Eaton right after he left Ramsey Lewis' band. This long-awaited and timely reissue of Plenty Good Eaton features a fresh remastering by Mike Milchner of SonicVision, plus notes by Pat Thomas that include remembrances from Cleve's widow Myra and long-time friend Lee Shook. A musical meal not to miss!

1. Chitown Theme
Length: 05:05
2. Keena
Length: 05:14
3. Moe, Let's Have a Party
Length: 04:35
4. Are You Out There Somewhere Caring
Length: 07:25
5. Kaiser 405
Length: 06:04
6. All Your Lover, All Day, All Night
Length: 09:28
7. Hamburg 302
Length: 08:37
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 46:28
UPC: 848064011552