The Art of Vibes and Violin

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/6/2019
Label: ITI Records
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"A lyrical guitarist and violinist who has never achieved the recognition he deserves, Art Johnson has a remarkable resume but not much fame. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1969 and was soon playing and recording with a new group called the Advancement, which included vibraphonist Lynn Blessing. Soon he was working with Willie Bobo, Judee Sill, Paul Horn, Tim Weisberg, Barbra Streisand, and John Klemmer, recording with the latter four." Excerpt from Scott Yanow.

Johnson's musical experiences over many years far exceeded jazz that included quasi-country playing violin, and mandolin. As a studio musician in LA, he recorded movie soundtracks and studio work, and worked with Lena Horne. Johnson's recordings are many that includes pianist Dwayne Smith "Heartbound", and pianist Joanne Grauer "Time Remembered", pianist Marc Devine "Blue Sud" and Gary Scott, "Just Friends". Solo performances as One Man and classical solo albums that include "BarTalk" and "Classical Art". He also has released some rock and roll projects that include, "Blue Country" and "Undiscovered Art". As a bonus Art has become a published author with poetry and novels available including "Marilyn, My Marilyn".

1. The Blessing (feat. Randy Tressler)
Length: 05:25
2. Patricia
Length: 03:46
3. Dividing Time
Length: 04:06
4. Willow Weep for Me (feat. Dwayne Smith)
Length: 02:47
5. Day and Night (feat. Danny Campbell, Joe Azarello & Bill Andrews)
Length: 09:36
6. Miles Modd
Length: 03:53
7. Tripoli
Length: 03:49
8. Gypsy Sky (feat. Danny Campbell, Joe Azarello & Bill Andrews)
Length: 05:59
9. Tunis
Length: 04:32
10. Lover Man (feat. Dwayne Smith)
Length: 06:07
11. Song for Alexandria
Length: 06:17
12. Sweetness of You
Length: 04:43
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 61:00
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