Bolden (Original Soundtrack)

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Release Date: 4/19/2019
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For the original soundtrack of Bolden, in theaters this spring, nine-time GRAMMY Award winner Wynton Marsalis faced a nearly impossible task: bring fellow trumpeter and New Orleanian Buddy Bolden, widely considered one of the fathers of jazz, back from the dead. But on this album, Marsalis enthusiastically resurrects the bawdy, brassy sound of Bolden as no one else can, throwing a Big Easy party that romps through some of Bolden’s most beloved material. Featuring acclaimed vocalists Catherine Russell and Brianna Thomas and an all-star cast of instrumentalists that includes Wycliffe Gordon, Victor Goines, Marcus Printup, and more, Marsalis brings turn-of-the-century New Orleans back to life, imbuing ragtime classics popularized by Bolden and his competitor Louis Armstrong with a modern sound and energy.

1. Come on Children
Length: 03:24
2. Make Me a Pallet on the Floor
Length: 01:56
3. Gone My Way
Length: 02:36
4. Creole Belles
Length: 01:47
5. Bolden Jump
Length: 02:24
6. Timelessness (Short Version)
Length: 02:22
7. You Rascal You
Length: 02:49
8. Russian Lullaby
Length: 02:02
9. Stardust
Length: 03:37
10. Timelessness
Length: 03:48
11. Phantasmagoric Bordello Ballet
Length: 03:38
12. Shake It High, Shake It Low
Length: 01:59
13. Red Hot Mammas
Length: 02:13
14. Whoa You Heifer
Length: 02:09
15. Don't Go Away Nobody
Length: 02:37
16. All the Whores Go Crazy (About the Way I Ride)
Length: 02:25
17. Basin Street Blues
Length: 03:30
18. Dinah
Length: 03:07
19. Muskrat Ramble
Length: 02:31
20. Black and Blue
Length: 02:54
21. Tiger Rag
Length: 03:17
22. Making Runs
Length: 01:58
23. Whip It
Length: 02:00
24. Funky Butt (I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say)
Length: 05:06
25. Didn't He Ramble
Length: 01:53
26. Buddy's Horn
Length: 02:07
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 70:09
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