What's Next

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/8/2019
Label: Animal Music
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An exquisite pianist and musician, Najponk is one of the pioneers of mainstream jazz on the Czech music scene. From the bottomless resources of mainstream jazz repertoire he has been picking gems for his own albums. But although his repertoire mainly consists of the so-called standard pieces, his recordings are informed by unusual inventiveness and his acute sense of style and rhythm. For each of the albums, Najponk usually invites different collaborators; What s Next has been recorded together with the famous Swedish double bassist Hans Backenroth and Czech drummer Jirí Slavícek. The selections chosen or this release include compositions by Milton Jackson, Count Basie, Danyel Gerard, and Najponk himself, among others.

1. Some Groove for King
Length: 02:23
2. Funkallero
Length: 04:21
3. Good Morning Heartache
Length: 06:47
4. Blues for Gene
Length: 04:48
5. Swingin' the Blues
Length: 02:10
6. Butterfly (Trio Version)
Length: 05:40
7. You've Changed
Length: 05:35
8. Return Engagement
Length: 03:42
9. Lotus Blossom
Length: 02:05
10. Lester Leaps
Length: 02:40
11. Ma He's Making Eyes at Me
Length: 05:17
12. Butterfly (Solo Version)
Length: 02:36
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 48:04
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