Format: CD
Release Date: 2/22/2019
Label: Animal Music
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Dorota Barova is a Czech singer and cello player well known to audiences as a member of numerous groups such as Tara Fuki and Vertigo. She has been playing, recording and collecting awards with both groups for more than 15 years now. She also performs with two popular Czech singers Aneta Langerová and Lenka Dusilová and in 2018 she unexpectedly entered into a new project of the members of the Slovak band Korben Dallas - Tugriki. Dorota Barová is now releasing her long-awaited first solo album ""Iluzja (Illusion) consisting of her own new songs. The album was recorded in trio with the guitar player Miroslav Chyka (Illustratosphere, J.A.R., Sexy Dancers) and the bass player Jakub Vejnar (Muff) and with the pianist and singer Beata Hlavenková as a guest.

1. Godziny
Length: 06:20
2. Twoje Imię
Length: 04:25
3. Taniec
Length: 05:29
4. To Takie Proste
Length: 04:04
5. Iluzja
Length: 04:31
6. Wiem, Źe Nie Wiem
Length: 05:03
7. Wspomnienia
Length: 05:45
8. A Może Właśnie
Length: 03:55
9. Dziewczyna
Length: 04:58
10. Piosenka Śnieżna
Length: 08:04
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 52:34
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