Hard to Understand

Format: CD
Release Date: 3/27/2020
Label: Animal Music
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Two years after the release of the album "Early Music", which received the Andel Award, Jaromír Honzak comes with a new album, entitled "Hard to Understand". The musicians whom the renowned double bassist has brought together for this recording form an all-star team: David DoruÅūka on the guitar, Vít Krištan on the piano, Luboš Soukup on the saxophone and Martin Novak on the drums. Outside the jazz scene, Honzak is recognized as a long-term partner of the Eben Brothers and Iva Bittova, in the world of jazz, he is respected as a founding figure in modern jazz education and a guru of the young and middle generation. Albums featuring his authored music have won the prestigious "Andel Award" for the jazz album of the year (he is the holder of five of the awards!) and they have all been important events. Honzak's contemplative, sophisticated yet generally accessible and uncomplicated music has always fascinated the audience.

1. François Truffaut
Length: 06:18
2. Just Thinking
Length: 04:11
3. Rain Cloud
Length: 03:02
4. Simple Truth
Length: 05:03
5. Tamquam
Length: 03:20
6. Hard to Understand
Length: 06:07
7. Cryptic
Length: 04:59
8. Foolish Senior
Length: 05:37
9. Tamquam 2
Length: 02:10
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 40:47
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