Garden of Silence

Format: CD
Release Date: 11/20/2020
Label: Animal Music
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This year, the outstanding Czech pianist and composer Karel Ruicka (19402016) would celebrate his eightieth birthday. To mark this occasion, Animal Music releases, four years after the artists death, the last album recorded by Ruicka in 2010, which never came out during his lifetime. The recent discovery of the recording amounts to coming upon a precious treasure. In it, Ruicka returns to the sphere of solo-piano recording in which he first excelled in his album Zahrada radosti (The Garden of Joy) in 1981. Garden of Silence presents an astounding medley of moods in pensive and playful pieces by Ruicka which confirm his remarkable gift for melodies and his reputation as an unsurpassable performer and improviser.

1. Open Your Eyes
Length: 05:03
2. Theloniously Yours
Length: 05:29
3. Blues on the Roof
Length: 04:12
4. Prague
Length: 04:24
5. Overseas
Length: 03:13
6. F Sharp Fits Everything
Length: 05:30
7. Bitonal Blues
Length: 05:10
8. Blue Bird
Length: 04:18
9. LBL
Length: 04:36
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 41:55
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