Good Enough to Keep

Format: CD
Release Date: 4/20/2018
Label: Sam Sam Music
Style(s): Swing
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Picture of GOOD ENOUGH TO KEEP Good Enough to Keep - Bernard Berkhout's Swingmates Source

For some years now, the great Swing music makes a come back with a worldwide revival. Since the early eighties Bernard Berkhout, together with the Swingmates play on different fronts in Jazz. Bernard Berkhout's Swingmates already performed with Frits Landesbergen, Rita Reys, went on major tours with Madeline Bell and have won various prizes including one on the famous North See Jazz Festival.

1. Every Man for Himself
Length: 03:02
2. Rockin in Rhythm
Length: 07:25
3. I've Got the World on a String
Length: 03:34
4. Good Enough to Keep
Length: 05:07
5. Chelsea Bridge
Length: 05:15
6. Bluebeard Blues
Length: 04:04
7. Griffin'
Length: 04:40
8. The Jeep is Jumping
Length: 04:05
9. Leaking Roof
Length: 04:28
10. In a Sentimental Mood
Length: 05:12
11. Play the Blues and Go
Length: 04:12
12. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
Length: 05:26
13. Little Blue Elephant
Length: 05:38
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 62:08
UPC: 8713869205142