Star People Nation [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 9/4/2020
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Trumpeter, producer, arranger, songwriter and multiinstrumentalist Theo Crocker today debuts 'The Messenger,' the newest track off his forthcoming full-length album, Star People Nation. Featuring jazz pianist Elew, 'The Messenger' pairs a smoky blues piano with a traditional swing rhythm, locking into the pocket and showcasing Croker's mastery of the swing. The track has already garnered critical acclaim. Star People Nation is the musician's most personal project yet, something Croker describes as an intimate exploration of 'the everyday rituals of blackness.' A translation of his personal, spiritual and creative experience, the album is a self-reflective collection of powerfully passionate and boundary-busting compositions that speak to our greater, shared human existence.

1. Have You Come to Stay
2. Getaway Gold (feat. Rose Gold)
3. Subconscious Flirtations and Titillations
4. Wide Open
5. Portrait of William
6. Just Let it Ride
7. Crestfallen
8. The Messenger (feat. ELEW)
9. Alkebulan (feat. Eric Harland & Kassa Overall)
10. Understand Yourself (feat. Chronixx)
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Total Length: 00:00
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