Just Like Magic

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/10/2019
Album Personnel: Peter Washington (Acoustic Upright Bass), Lewis Nash (Drums)
Label: Cellar Live
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As spontaneous & effortless as it felt to record this music at Van Gelder's studio, it involved great effort and was a long time in the making. For Cory Weeds, it was years of hard work building his Cellar Music label and forging relationships with some of the jazz world's best players. And for Mike Allen, it involved years of developing a personal trio concept with the help of many collaborators.

1. Big Bertha
Length: 05:59
2. Klondike
Length: 05:06
3. Weaver of Dreams
Length: 07:49
4. Charlotte
Length: 07:37
5. Someone to Watch Over Me
Length: 05:39
6. The Man
Length: 06:32
7. Miles' Mode
Length: 04:03
8. Metamorphasis
Length: 06:20
9. Solitude
Length: 06:07
10. Same Old Feeling
Length: 07:35
11. Jelly Roll
Length: 05:43
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 68:30
UPC: 875531016321